YOU WILL BE CHALLENGED. Running a safe waterfront takes constant vigilance, an intimate knowledge of your staff, your physical waterfront, and your own programs, and force of personality. Developing this group of skills is hard work

YOU WILL BE STRETCHED. No one person has all the traits of a perfect director of any kind. We will work on your weaknesses and encourage your strengths. You will learn guard logistics, how to write your Emergency Action Plans, swim lesson administration, boating lesson administration and how to manage people.

Days at WLS run from breakfast to well after dinner. You will be in and out of a heated pool and a non-heated lake. You will be in and out of boats. You will sleep well and wake up sore. Being a strong waterfront director means never asking staff to do what you will not. So you will do it all.

YOU WILL BE MEASURED. Upon successful conclusion of the WLS training, you and your camp director will receive a detailed assessment of your performance at WLS, including strengths, weaknesses, and anticipated challenges.

You will leave WLS with a rich understanding of how to keep campers safe, staff motivated, and camp directors happy. You will know how to motivate yourself and others. You will be prepared for one of the toughest jobs at any camp.

Finally: Comprehensive Training for the Waterfront DIrector

CAMP WATERFRONTS ARE DANGEROUS PLACES. That is why the WLS system is a decision-making process, a staff ethic, and a proven method for keeping your campers safe.

CAMP WATERFRONTS SHOULD BE WONDERFUL PLACES WLS training focuses on quality instruction and fun . . . right after safety is infused into every aspect of the waterfront culture.

CAMP WATERFRONTS SHOULD BE GREAT PLACES TO WORK The WLS method relies on a team approach to teaching, guarding, and daily life on a waterfront. This means WLS-trained directors create and lead a capable staff that tends to return year-to-year.